Florida Health Alliance Network, LLC

Through the Florida Health Alliance Network, members can have access to a national telemedicine network of US Board Certified physicians and discounted lab services and prescriptions for their entire families (up to 10) at a very reasonable cost of $44.99 a month. Employers with a minimum of 3 employees pay $14.99 a month per employee (includes up to 10 members of the employees household).

The Florida Health Alliance Network offers 24-hour-a-day, 7 days a week access to doctors by video-chat or phone to treat any non-emergency medical condition. Each plan supports up to 10 individuals per household even while traveling or in college.

It is NOT an insurance plan and does not take the place of insurance, but rather provides urgent care-style services that can supplement and/or provide cost savings to an existing plan.

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4000 Hollywood Blvd Suite 555-S
Holywood, FL 33021 FL

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Telemedicine Services available 24/7


305-898-2971 (Main)


Denise Perez

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