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My Senior Moment

We often hear people joke that they have had a “senior moment” when they can’t remember something. Who hasn’t walked into a room and forgotten what they were going there for? It is good to be able to laugh at one’s self when a mistake like that is made. But it is not so funny when someone deliberately preys on a certain segment of society (seniors) because they think that group is more susceptible to scams.

As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, and a senior myself, I am sensitive to the many attempt that are made to take advantage of my age group. Below you will find a flyer with some hints for protecting yourself and your family from these fraudsters. Keep in mind, these scams aren’t only being perpetrated on the senior community. They can be just as effective on unsuspecting younger folks too. So be alert and don’t let the scammers trouble you or your family.

Mike McDermott


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